1927 mississippi flood essay

This should have acted as a warning sign for the agencies responsible for dealing with emergencies. Differences A major difference between the Great Mississippi flood and Hurricane Katrina is the recovery process.

The building of levees was seen as an adequate measure to prevent raging waters from breaking into the land where people lived or even farmland. The levees were said to be strong enough to hold any amount of pressure from the water. The actions taken after the great Mississippi flood of have helped in preventing the occurrence of such a disaster in other years.

I think that as many African Americans headed north, it was as if the blues were telling the rest of the blacks in the south to follow. The people that were affected by the flood can definitely relate to this song, it was probably very popular when it was released.

The cultural effects of the flood was felt when African Americans moved to the Northern states. Response The rains had increased in almost all areas whose water went to the Mississippi river in early April This had an effect on the transformation of blues music to other genres like the Chicago Blues.

Many of the African-Americans from the south moved 1927 mississippi flood essay, including the musicians. Consequently, the Great Mississippi flood occurred at a time that nation handled the black population differently from that when Katrina hit.

Most people listened to European music so they were not used to the blues at first. In addition, infrastructure was not very developed and the destruction allowed for the building of better-improved infrastructure Thornton, The banks were also urged to provide loans to the people especially farmers who needed the money to buy seeds and farm equipment.

The Great 1927 mississippi flood essay flood is seen as one of the factors that contributed to the Great Migration. Use an editor to spell check essay. In addition, the President at that time, appealed to the public to contribute to a public fund that would be used by the Red Cross as aid in the distribution of relief services.

In addition to this, the aftermath of the disasters saw looting by the predominantly black communities, thereby leading to actions by the ruling elite to enact undue, and often lethal, force to calm the angered masses.

The swelling waters swept away many houses and other important property. In addition, the Red Cross also gave the people seeds and farm implements to help them rebuild their farms, which had been destroyed, by the floods.

The Army Corps of Engineers were opposed to the idea of building floodways and spillways arguing that levees were the only way to prevent the occurrence of a flood.

During the period following the flood, the Red Cross aided the displaced by building them camps and giving them food, medical care, clothing and water. The effects were so adverse that it became known as the great Mississippi flood of In addition, there was the formation of the Weather Bureau, which was responsible for assessing weather conditions and giving reliable weather forecasts to warn the people and the government on the likeliness of a flood.

Mainly because it was a hot topic and knew that music would be popular amongst the black communities who were effected by the disaster. Wikipedia states that blacks moved from 14 states of the south with most of the people leaving Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana to the west, Midwest, and the north regions.

Another major similarity in both disasters is the formation of committees to manage the rebuilding of the states. Parallels between The Great Mississippi flood and Hurricane Katrina Similarities In conclusion, the Great Mississippi flood of and Hurricane Katrina are considered as some of the worst natural disasters that have rocked the United States in the 20th and 21st centuries respectively.

Other major similarities were also noted in the wake of both disasters.

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 Essay

These committees are made up of elite people and rich businesspersons without the inclusion of the poor affected families. Cultural, Political and economical effects of the Great Mississippi flood Cultural The aftermath of the Great Mississippi flood is known to have caused a great impact on the African American people.

The blues definitely had an impact on the great migration because they helped to convince more African Americans to move north. They also continued to give the refugees food and water relief. Other major differences have been attributed to the development of the United States into the superpower that it is today.

Mississippi River Flood of 1927 Essay

They also built floodways and reservoirs on the tributaries of the main river in order to prevent the increase of water as seen before. The Great Mississippi flood is cited in contexts as one of the greatest and most devastating disasters in the history of the U.

The discussion below focuses on the great Mississippi flood in terms of a comprehensive emergency management perspective.

An Essay On The Great Mississippi Flood Of 1927

There have been many arguments that the government could have done more to prevent or prepare for the flood. The first thing that was done to respond to the possibility of a disaster was efforts to raise the levees.

The American Army Corps of Engineers was also delegated the work of designing a lasting solution for the floodwaters. The blues music began to evolve and turn into the popular music that we listen to today. The government also had created a way to warn the people incase of a disaster. Herbert Hoover, who became the chairperson of the Mississippi Valley Flood Disaster Red Cross Committee, seized the opportunity to prove to the people that he was a viable presidential candidate.The Great Flood of had a major effect on African American culture and music - Mississippi River Flood of introduction.

Specifically the Mississippi Delta blues. The blues is a genre of music created by African American communities of the deep south at the end of the 19th century.

The blues consist of themes. The Mississippi River flood of actually started in the summer of with heavy rain on the central basin that eventually overtook the levee systems which were ineffective against the flood.

According to Wikipedia, the floods were so bad that they flooded over 27, square miles which was double the volume of the amount of water in.

The Great Mississippi Flood of was probably the most destructive in past times history of america, proving that the levee just policy was failing and the limitations of human being control over the river. The Great Mississippi Flood of was one of the most destructive in the history of the United States, proving that the levee only policy was a failure and the limits of human control over the river.

The beginning of the flood, from the initial crevasse, poured out “, second-feet onto the. The Great Mississippi Flood of The Great Mississippi Flood of Introduction The Great Mississippi flood is cited in contexts as one of the greatest. In one of most powerful natural disasters in the s, the Mississippi river flooded which caused severe damage around the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

The flood was caused during a large rainfall that lasted approximately.

1927 mississippi flood essay
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