A look into life and works of paul klee the swiss painter and graphic artist

As the decade progressed, his biweekly lectures and administrative duties, and the almost constant tension in the Bauhaus over policy and politics, became increasingly onerous, and in he resigned for a less-demanding position at the Dusseldorf Academy.

His ten years teaching here also included a lot of traveling. They had one son, Felix. Klee also came to know a wide variety of French Cubist painting from Der Blaue Reiter exhibitions of —12 and from a visit he made to Paris in April Taking his wife and son, Klee moved with the Bauhaus to Dessau inwhere he stayed until He taught there and at the Bauhaus in Dessau until ; the Bauhaus years were most inspiring for Klee both as an artist and as a teacher.

So most of the time Klee could get away with a shorthand organization that skimped the spatial grandeur of high French modernism while retaining its unforced delicacy of mood.

Paul Klee – a Swiss-born painter Essay

Done in Klee used a far-fetched medium for this piece. He died on 29 June leaving behind about works of art. But in the temporary remission of his illness led to a remarkable outpouring of creative energy that was sustained until only a few months before his death in He and his colleague, Russian painter Wassily Kandinskyboth taught at the Bauhaus school of art, design and architecture.

Early Influences In Klee went to Munich, Germany, where he studied briefly with Erwin Knirr and then attended the academy untilstudying with Franz von Stuck. The diaries he kept from to are valuable documents rich with detailed accounts of his experiences and his observations on art and literature.

His father was a music teacher and his mother had trained to be a singer. He barely passed his final exams at the "Gymnasium" of Bern, where he qualified in the Humanities. Upon graduating from the Literarschule in he left for Munichwhich was then the artistic capital of Germany, and enrolled in the private art school of Heinrich Knirr.

After much hesitation he chose to study art, not music, and he attended the Munich Academy in He created a whole series of new worlds, usually happy cheerful ones with shimmering fish, mysterious plants and dancing matchstick figures.

At the time of his death he had produced over 9, works. For the next two years Klee began to experiment with bold colours, completing a number of landscape watercolour paintingsincluding In the Quarry and Houses near the Gravel Pit To him we owe some of the most beautiful statements on modern art.

Although the artist was born in Switzerland, he was not born a Swiss citizen.

Paul Klee's Birthday: Celebrating The Swiss-German Painter With A Survey Of Works (PHOTOS)

Paul Klee was one of the great masters who established the essence and character of modern art. There are certain suttle objects in the painting that make it obvious that this is a girl dancing. He also came into contact with the Futurist movement and was particularly impressed with the masterpiece Nude Descending a Staircase by Marcel Duchamp.

Color has taken possession of me; no longer do I have to chase after it, I know that it has hold of me forever.

The works of Paul Klee at the Zentrum Paul Klee

In his painting and graphic art, Klee developed an extraordinary range of techniques and styles. Recognition and Bauhaus In Klee received a 3 year contract from an art dealer, Hans Goltz, whose gallery was able to give him the sort of exposure he needed and helped to establish him as an important contributor to the abstractionist wing of the expressionist movement.

In the first signs of the illness that caused his death appeared. They tried to reflect their inner impulses and feelings to provoke a reaction in their audience.

Stuck was a rather strict academic painter of allegorical pictures, but his emphasis on imagination proved invaluable to the young Klee. He used pastels, tempera, watercolor, and a combination of oil and watercolor, as well as different backgrounds.

As many great artists, he wished to influence the minds of young artists and he started teaching at Bauhaus. He displayed a wide variety of palette colour - from primary colours to monochromatic. His work of the Bauhaus decade is more geometric than before, and the number of forms employed in a given composition is sharply reduced.

His work reflects humor and childishness but is also influenced by his musical talent. Klee remained at the Dusseldorf Academy untilwhen Adolf Hitler came to power; from then on, it was no longer possible to work in Germany.

His work became more inaccessible to rational analysis.A Swiss-born painter and graphic artist whose personal, often gently humorous works are replete with allusions to dreams, music, and poetry, Paul Klee, b.

Dec. 18,d. June 29,is difficult to classify. Primitive art. Dec 18,  · Today is the birthday of Swiss-German painter, Paul Klee. The expressionist artist and Bauhaus professor would turn years old if he were still magically alive.

Born in Switzerland in Swiss painter and graphic artist Paul Klee ( – ) was one of the most imaginative modern art masters, producing work that spanned an astounding stylistic range.

Klee’s small, delicate works are filled with wit and references to dreams, music and poetry, and blended primitive art, Surrealism, Cubism and children's art. Paul Klee, a Swiss-born painter, printmaker and draughtsman of German nationality, was originally associated with the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter, and subsequently taught at the Bauhaus, the widely influential German art school of the interwar period.

Klee's diverse body of work cannot, however, be categorized Place Of Birth: Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland. There are a good 4, works by Paul Klee stored in the Art Depository of the Zentrum Paul Klee - the world’s most important collection of paintings, water colours and drawings by this artist. The extremely comprehensive and diverse collection of works makes it impossible to display the entire range at the same time.

The Swiss-born painter, graphic artist and printmaker Paul Klee was involved in several of the major modern art movements including Expressionism and Surrealism, and is noted for his colourful and varied fantasy-style of art depicting a world of semi-abstract, dreamlike images.

A look into life and works of paul klee the swiss painter and graphic artist
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