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At the centre of all this revenue are the footballers. But he had an excellent World Cup and got all fans of the game are footballers overpaid essay writer about him. They are continuously photographed wherever they are and if their wages were dramatically lowered, then they would not be able to afford a large amount of land that is private to them or a body guard.

And fair play to them. With football being double dipped into the business pool, Jamie Scrupps talks about how it is quite normal for footballers to get such enormous wages.

Now, getting back to the subject of wages, we should all be able to agree that football is as widely watch as any other form of entertainment, right?

Written by Jamie Scrupps. You would say that Messi and Ronaldo are about as famous as any sportsman could be. You have one career. It is an example of a club making an investment based on him being more marketable than Di Maria.

Some people would have looked at that transfer with confusion, and rightly so. In other jobs you are footballers overpaid essay writer about 40 years and then acquire a pension at the end.

Even though doctors perform a crucial part in the society of the public, including footballers, it has to be said it takes more talent to become a professional footballer. In no way is this trying to reduce the importance of doctors but just prove that only a small amount of footballers play professionally compared to other normal jobs.

For all the revenue that players bring to the club from kit sales to winning goals, they deserve to have a good cut in the money. The total revenue also plays in big part in this topic. Footballers generally have very short careers that usually last about 15 years, but some are cut short by injury.

Everybody wants to be rewarded for their qualities. Many people would like to think that footballers, managers and the directors are making decisions purely for the fans — and in an ideal world, they would be. This is for a number of reasons: But does he give as much to the team as Di Maria did?

Players and their agents are well aware of how much money their clubs are making, and this allows them to be able to continue asking for more. Read this below All footballers that make it into the higher leagues have great talent and have to work extremely hard to get where they are.

Because, in 2, 3 or 4 years and if he keeps on with this rapid progression, you know that the likes of Madrid and Barca are going to start showing interest. So the next time a footballer gets a new contract with their wages tripled, ask yourself this question; would I say no to my salary being tripled?

With all the money that gets pumped into football, wages are only going to get higher. Because of how widely football is watched and loved world wide, it creates excellent advertising for companies, who will spend large amounts of money to put their name on anything related to clubs or players.

Buying a player must make monetary sense for the people who are in charge of the finances at a club, otherwise the club will be heading in the wrong direction. The higher his wage, and the longer on his contract, the more money Liverpool will look to gain from a potential transfer.

If the money is there to be taken, I defy anyone not to grab it with two hands. Footballers only have a short career span so they are paid for the years and then are expected to live on what they have earned for the rest of their lives. Madrid would have then looked at the situation and known that, despite the large sum of money they would have to pay for him, he would still be a hugely profitable player to have.

Tesco have over half a million employees and it would be impossible to pay each individual employee generously and also that the employees are easily replaceable, unlike footballers. A professional football career lasts years depending what type of player you are, and Sterling is going to start losing his pace in his late twenties.

Football is a business, pure and simple. So of course Sterling has the right to request a new contract, and Liverpool are right to offer him one. This is a player and agent fully utilizing his marketing potential, and rightly so. The argument to this is fairly simple.

Are Footballers Overpaid? It’s Business for both Parties

But football has grown. They are equally important to the squad, both England internationals, both yet to hit their peak, but one earns significantly higher.

Football is no different, and that is why we see endless adverts with Ronaldo as the cover; because he has been marketed by Nike and Jorge Mendes and turned into a money making machine by just getting into the public eye for one reason or another.

Now, before you all start ranting about how ridiculous that claim is and what could possess me to make such a statement, let me elaborate.‘Footballers are overpaid’- it is one of those statements that most football fans come to a solid consensus with.

With football being double dipped into the business pool, Jamie Scrupps talks about how it is quite normal for footballers to get such enormous wages. Now, before you all start. Overpaid professional athletes The topic I chose for my essay is overpaid professional athletes.

I chose this topic because I think athletes are getting paid way too much money. Athletes get paid way too much for what they contribute to society. Literally working on my math ia, my dance written assignment, and my extended essay.

why? i'm not sure. research paper on application layer essay on war of terrorism. essay on environmental ethics personal response essay video, argumentative essay on fast food. Are the world's highest paid football players overpaid?

Big data says yes Computational model shows Lionel Messi is the world's most overpaid football player. Sep 25,  · Footballers Ridiculous Wages! March 20, Top footballers like Wayne Rooney and David Beckham can be paid up to a whopping. Footballers are talented sportsmen and deserve to be rewarded for their skill.

Furthermore, the majority of footballers are not at all overpaid. Only the elite footballers, the best in the world at what they do, are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Are footballers overpaid essay writer
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