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The first to Battle of the bags essay so, in Milton, Ont. Do you know how many bags we go through in a week? Premier Christy Clark said on Thursday her government is talking to the city about the issue, but noted it would be complicated to ban bags.

Plastic bags remained cheaper than the cloth and paper alternatives and vendors seemed unwilling to accept change. Each icon represents 10 million. Replacing plastic bags with paper will sharply increase costs for retailers at a time when grocery store margins are increasingly squeezed, he said.

That amounts to 2, South Australia says its plastic-bag ban has managed to do just that.

The Battle of the Bags

How many plastic shopping bags do we use each year? Before the ban was implemented inthe Australian state averaged Will a ban actually reduce the amount of landfill? Mayor Dennis Leney, the mayor of Sioux Lookout, a town of about 5, people in Northern Ontario, thinks it would be downright ridiculous.

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Customers bring their own bags, or they can buy reusable ones made of recycled plastic bottles or get a refundable plastic box, said Loblaw spokeswoman Julija Hunter.

If they force us to get rid of a bag that we pay two cents for and replace it with a cent bag. Mountain Equipment Co-op, an environmentally conscious retailer with 15 stores across Canada, eliminated single-use plastic shopping bags in And raising an issue that is on the minds of many dog owners who use plastic bags to pick up after their pets, he asked: The ubiquitous symbol of disposable culture is under attack.

The battle of the bag

One thing seems certain: Eliminating the five-cent levy on plastic bags was the issue for Mayor Rob Ford. The move is "a great idea," he said.

Sioux Lookout briefly had a bylaw prohibiting single-use plastic bags, but it was repealed last year. Story continues below advertisement Toronto, following the example of cities such as Seattle and Los Angeles and countries such as Ireland and Germany, was at the forefront of a bag tax that has rippled to retailers across the country.

Narine, general manager of the Peter Pond Mall. Published June 7, How many plastic shopping bags do we use each year? The battle of the bag is far from over.

And while he was successful on that front, council than abolished all single-use plastic bags at retail checkout counters.

Is it the beginning of the end of our addiction, and what will be the consequences for businesses and workers? She said it would be valuable to have Toronto and other cities join in, partly because it would "create a level playing field" for MEC. Across Canada, many are eager to pitch the plastic When Annie Narine moved to Fort McMurray, the gateway to the oil sands, almost a year ago, she was surprised to see so many blue-collar men walking around with "man purses.

Councillors decreed each bag should carry a five-cent fee, then voted this week to ban bags outright effective Jan.

The most recent survey, inshowed that it is down to 5. According to a staff report, of the Essay SUMMARY OF THE ESSAY The essay suggests that emphasis be given to reduce and eliminate all such materials that are causing environmental threat to our land as well as oceans. It is not only the plastic bags that be focused as it make just a fraction of all contributors.

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Battle of the bags essay
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