Best things to do in bangkok

Top 10 Things to Do in Bangkok

Most of Bangkok travel guides only mention Lumpini Park as the green escapade of the city, but actually Bang Krachaoan island in the middle of Chao Phraya River, is the green lung of Bangkok. Pippo drove us to all the places, and every stop a new story and more cool things to do in Bangkok.

Some amazing hotels to stay, local experiences and even some adventure.

15 Best Things to Do in Phuket

It consisted of a large bedroom with all the amenities and a balcony; a fantastic living room with a cozy sofa and a large flat screen tv; a walk in closet which included an ironing board and a safe; a fully equipped kitchen with a large fridge, washing machine and anything I may possibly need to prepare and serve a meal provided that one would ever cook in a city like Bangkok, where street food is so good!

If you wanna plan your travel budget, we have another post for you: Any more tips about unique and cool things to do in Bangkok? They offer beautiful sunsets, along with their soft white sands and clean blue seas. Check out the various projects ISOS has going on around Bangkok and possibly even volunteer if you are interested!

Where else in the world can you stay in a french design hotel, overlooking a cosmopolitan skyline eating noodles for breakfast.? Check out the post we wrote about our experience at the Amari Watergate.

All the malls and the streets stalls are on your doorstep.

Bangkok Tours

When you arrive in the island, just beside the pier you will see a stall selling drinks and renting bikes. Of the many things to do in Bangkok, visiting Wat Pho is truly incredible!

But yes, I cooked a Pad Thai, not as fast as grandma, but delicious. Be careful though, MBK has been known to suck in its shoppers for hours, and it can be next to impossible to locate an exit! The biggest collection of nightclubs, bars, shows and general nocturnal fun in Phuket, it is pretty much an all-out assault on the senses.

We went to 5 different cafes, all them hidden in trendy neighborhoods and small streets that we would never find by ourselves. Friday — Sunday from 7 pm to mid-night — Best night is Saturday Location: You can pick a room that suits your style or try something new.

I wanted to move it after visiting! From July to October are the rainy months. Two of my favorite 5-star hotels in Bangkok are located in Sathorn. My recommendation for your first time in Bangkok is to go to a rooftop bar at least in one night.

However, if you are not confident enough for trying street food, we have you covered! As all the floating markets are outside Bangkok, you will need a tour or a guide to take you there. I was lucky enough to have a friend who lives in Bangkok take me around — she knew exactly where to go in Bangkok and we ended up at a fun place with live music, the kind of place we used to go in our college years back home.

Visit their website for an opportunity to visit a Thai Craft Fair and even volunteer to help out! Open Monday — Friday 8: On my first trip to Bangkok I hate it!

Here are three suggestions of the best hotels in Bangkok for an out of ordinary stay: It all depends on how much do you want to spend and what type of experience you want to have.

The home is a great insight into a traditional Thai luxury home and presents an ornate collection of art and artifacts. After walking around, you may just be inclined to sample a traditional Thai massage in its purest form!

10 Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai

When I went last time I thought I was going to get attacked by all the birds, but luckily they left me along despite taking lots of photos as they were flustering about!

Make a map from the airport to your hotel address, it will help you choose the right train connection and even help the taxi driver to find your place.

This weekend floating market is a fantastic place to wind down, enjoy a peaceful stroll and sample all tidbits of Thai desserts and delicious Thai dishes. If your hotel is on Sukhumvit or Sathorn area you definitely can go by train. If you feel like doing local activities there is a cooperative that teaches you how to make herbal pillows [you can get a massage there too] and another place where you can learn how to make joss stick and other Thai handicrafts.

Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees. Backpacking Southeast Asia There are a number of tour operators that offer Bangkok Bike tours for an adventurous day!There are plenty of really memorable things to do in Phuket.

The island itself has a beautiful historical old town, great viewpoints and iconic cultural attractions. It is also a good base for exploring the nearby islands and must-see attractions.

These include world-famous places like Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands. Sep 05,  · Get a copy of my things to do in Bangkok travel guide - "This. Bangkok tours allow you to discover Bangkok's beautiful, gleaming temples along with notable landmarks like the magnificent Grand Palace.

Set in the heart of Bangkok this is probably the most famous attraction there is. For years the palace was home to the king, his court, and the entire government of Thailand as well as the Royal Mint. With an area ofsq. meters there is so much to see and do, you will not be disappointed. Don't miss these exciting things to do in Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok is a city that has it all!

Visit Bangkok for an unforgettable adventure. Discover the best hotels, restaurants and things to do with this highly curated Bangkok travel guide.

Best things to do in bangkok
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