Hong kong why statutory minimum wage is needed

According to the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, the aim is to implement the new law in And my shoulders and back would seriously hurt.

Now we know why modern-day slavery is alive and well in Hong Kong. The reason is that employees earning the minimum wage will be entitled to additional pay for any actual overtime work, or simply overtime attendance for work.

The excluded workers can only expect to get extra pay if their employment contracts provide for such. Regulation on working hours is a needed policy on all members of the labor sector. To print this article, all you need is to be registered on Mondaq.

She fears her fate will be like the old women she sees collecting cardboard boxes on the streets to make a living.

Statutory Minimum Wage

They said it would only legalize long working hours, and threatened a boycott. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

This can also mean "twenty dollars per sheet", as his surname "Cheung" is also a Chinese classifier used for flat objects.

What difference will an increase to the minimum wage mean for the lowest-paid in Hong Kong?

The increases have always outpaced inflation, ranging from 6. The current draft of the Minimum Wage Bill would require all employers in Hong Kong to pay their employees no less than the statutory minimum wage in respect of any wage period, which would be one month unless a different basis is demonstrated.

The Minimum Wage Commission, which will make recommendations to the Hong Kong Government, is responsible for setting the minimum hourly wage as well as arranging the timing and frequency of rate reviews. This may take place as early as Julybefore the Legislative Council, which has the authority to accept or reject the proposal, takes its summer recess.

Not the minimum wage earner Luk said the company employed men and women, young and old to work in the so-called infantry.

Will increasing Hong Kong’s minimum wage help struggling part-time workers?

Ng said even though the industry was facing a chronic manpower shortage, the minimal profit margin meant it was not feasible to lure workers by raising pay. Then I can take a driving course and get a licence, which will help me become a driver and get higher pay. It is foreseeable that whatever wage rate is proposed, employers and unionists will make their voices heard over what they think is justified and that the already heated debate on the topic will get more intense in Hong Kong.

From last December to Februarythe monthly salaries of low-paid full-time employees rose by A higher hourly wage and better working conditions have given Luk new hope in life. Immigration Department, 11 Mayarchived from the original on 8 Februaryretrieved 29 March As such, it will alter the present position that employers may contractually bar overtime pay, at least for this particular group of employees.

A Labour Department spokesman refused to disclose information regarding complaints against individual companies. The lone opposition vote came from Paul Tsea functional constituency legislator representing the tourism sector. Specifically excluded are those not covered by the Minimum Wage Ordinance or the Employment Ordinance, such as migrant domestic workers.

Under a [higher] minimum wage, people would simply choose jobs which are not as tedious, and the courier industry would naturally lose out. AMCB, which was among those invited to make a presentation, said in its statement: My fingers and palms had many cuts and cracks.The year-old shopping centre security guard earns the least her employer must pay since Hong Kong rolled out the Minimum Wage Ordinance in “Setting the statutory minimum wage at HK.

≥ [Level of Statutory Minimum Wage] Amount Required to Pay to Employee Refer to the amount of wage payable to employee, but for the calculation of minimum wage, exclude the wage paid for the time that is not hours worked.

Minimum Wage Ordinance

Now we know why modern-day slavery is alive and well in Hong Kong. Its like saying ‘F*** the international labour standards, what we all need are good employers’. At the Legco manpower panel hearing on June 21, the proposal met widespread disapproval from nearly all groups asked to make a presentation, including local trade unions.

The debates of set up statutory wage in Hong Kong has been discussing over years, from the document of legislative council, the first paper of propose statutory minimum wage in Hong Kong is inthe panel noted the research paper on “proposal on Minimum wage in Hong Kong” by HKSSS (Hong Kong Social Security Society).

According to the group, the current minimum wage of $4, is “a measly 44%” of what is needed for a person to survive in Hong Kong. The current monthly food allowance of $1, is said to be 59% lower than what is considered sufficient in the city.

align it with the statutory minimum wage for other workers in Hong Kong. The Minimum Wage Ordinance Cap. is an ordinance enacted by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong to introduce a minimum wage in Hong Kong in July The executive branch proposed a minimum wage of HK$28 (~US$) per hour in Novemberwhich the Legislative Council voted to accept after much debate in January

Hong kong why statutory minimum wage is needed
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