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It Shows Students How to Craft an Argument Students need to know how to read arguments before they can learn how to write them.

Summarize to Get the Gist

Tom Collins Gin The juice of half a lemon in a large glass, a bar-spoonful of sugar, a drink of Tom gin ; mix this well; 2 lumps of ice, a bottle of plain soda. The development of maize was a great achievement. Juice of a small lemon.

History[ edit ] An August article from the British weekly magazine Punch disparaging British physician Sir Morell Mackenzie for his claim that England was the originating country of the Tom Collins cocktail.

Add a slice of lemon peel to finish. How to Evaluate a Summary To evaluate a 10 percent summary, I recommend a technique called focus correcting, in which a teacher selects three areas and only grades those areas.

Not Yet Does not yet implement two Type 1 activities per week. Not Yet Does not implement one Type 3 activity on a monthly basis. Seeking a name, for example, for a mixture of whiskey and soda- water, the best they could achieve was whiskey-and-soda.

John Collins

He states that these would have been along the lines of "gin, lemon juice, chilled soda water, and maraschino liqueur ". Basic Implemented one Type 4 activity per quarter, but the activities were not directly related to my own content area.

Yet the reality is that after discussing a difficult article with a class of 20 or more students, even the most engaging teacher cannot guarantee that every student will understand it.

The Americans, introduced to the same drink, at once gave it the far more original name of high-ball. Fill up the glass with plain soda water and drink while it is lively. The origin of the Online June Volume 69 Strong Readers All Summarize to Get the Gist John Collins The 10 percent summary strategy costs little in teacher time, and it prepares students for the common core state standards in literacy.

I can quickly assess the topic sentence, the summary of main ideas, and the usage of the underlined vocabulary words.

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Summarizing well-written arguments familiarizes students with rhetorical strategies—such as problem and solution, claim and counterclaim, and reference to authority rather than personal opinion—that are common to persuasive essays.

Summaries can take many forms, from graphic organizers to two-column notes.

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Begin with a sentence that includes the title of the article, the source, the author or authors, and a summary of the topic, all correctly punctuated. But the essentially American character of [this and other drinks] is obvious, despite the fact that a number have gone over into English.

Proficient Implemented one Type 2 activity per week related to my content area but not yet to a specific objective. Collins Writing, Type 3 Distinguished Implements one Type 3 activity per month related to a specific objective in my John collins writing content area.

The 10 Percent Summary My personal recommendation is a model I call the 10 percent summary, which requires students to write in complete sentences and in paragraph form. This technique benefits everyone: It Builds Background Knowledge No longer will students be able to rely on personal experience alone to support their positions.

Summarize content-related nonfiction articles that are from to 3, words long, the typical length of most magazine or newspaper articles. Mix well and serve. The teacher assigns points to each element—such as the opening topic sentence, the main ideas, and correctly used vocabulary words; the student then lists each element with its corresponding points at the top of his or her paper see " Sample 10 Percent Summary ".

For example, students must cite their sources in the proper form; decide which lines if any from the article to quote; know how to use relevant vocabulary words in context; and correctly use specific writing conventions—such as proper use of the comma with quotes or an ellipsis.

Mix well and serve. Basic Implemented two Type 1 activities per week, but the activities were not directly related to my own content area.The John Collins Writing Program Is More Than Just Putting Pen to Paper Writing is more than just a way to express yourself or communicate ideas, it is an essential part of being an educated person.

type of writing required for high school and beyond q We have had success with the John Collins Writing Program and are drawn to the sustainable strategies. PASD – Fast Facts about the Collins Writing Program Collins Writing is designed to promote writing and thinking across the curriculum.

It is based on research findings that writing facilitates student learning and promotes the highest levels of thinking. Intro to Collins: This is NOT a writing program; this is a way to write and think! It’s not learning to write, it’s writing to learn.

We only get to be a better reader by reading well, we only.

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Presented by Dr. John Collins Cost: $ per participant (includes all materials) - districts will be invoiced after the workshop This one day session provides well described, sequenced strategies that show teachers how to help students write effective responses to TDA and other evidence-based prompts.

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John Collins Average rating · 1, ratings · reviews · shelved 2, times Showing 30 distinct works. The Collins Writing Program: Improving Student Performance Through Writing .

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