Maintenance management research papers

For example, if a flow meter currently is measuring the flow rate of a liquid in litres per minute, changing this recording to milliliters per minute may provide more insightful data.

Big Data technologies also are capable of analyzing market trends, integrating with enterprise systems, and triggering automated actions based on the data collected. This means price points can be adjusted accordingly to maximize profits. Could wider challenges, such as logistics and distribution, also benefit from the AI treatment?

As atGhana has an estimated population of 27 million, with a growth rate of about 2. Focusing efforts and resources on a single problem means a significant pain point can be tackled effectively, with relatively low risk compared to a complete overhaul of processes.

Automated software allows the system automatically to detect if the product is in stock. Successive governments over the years have not played as much role as the private sector in housing delivery. If so, automated guided vehicles AGVs can be deployed to the exact location in the warehouse to acquire the product for distribution.

Improve supply chain management with AI technologies

As the complex web of production and distribution are opened up to the benefits of AI, the supply chain will have a bigger economic impact than any other technology application. Jonathan Wilkins is the marketing director of industrial automation components supplier, EU Automation.

Result of the outcome from the questionnaire survey and interviews were mapped and coded for the quantitative and qualitative analysis using basic statistical tools. Freeing up cash and storage space optimally creates savings. Perhaps these customers need automated chaser e-mails. A professional brand advocate and commercial marketing strategist, Wilkins focuses on delivering growth via a multi-channel approach that has a significant positive impact on businesses.

It provides worldwide express delivery on all products, meaning it can supply any part, to any destination, at very short notice.

Building Maintenance Management

The best practice articles section can be use as a way to identify goals for plant management and plant engineering. Companies can begin to reap the rewards of these technologies by following two steps: The business has since seen revenue pick up again and attributes this to the AI implementation.

This paper sought to examine why the private real estate developing companies are unable to produce enough houses to meet the deficit and offers appropriate recommendations. Reduce late payments Client payments and their associated enquiries are huge causes of friction in the supply chain.

This is critical, particularly for obsolete legacy equipment, as lead times to find the part from an obsolete parts supplier will vary. EU Automation stocks and sells new, used, refurbished, and obsolete industrial automation spares.

Its network of preferred partner warehouses, and wholly owned distribution centers, enables it to offer a unique service within the automation industry, spanning the entire globe.

If the product is not in stock, automation can scan the enterprise resource planning ERP system to place a reorder and inform the customer of the estimated dispatch time. In an effort to turn things around, the company deployed AI to make better predictions about delivery dates and to analyze past variability and production lead times.

The best practice articles are also based on the best practices our consultants see in the plants they visit. By selecting a discrete project, initial successes can be built upon and lessons can be learned. Here IDCON offers many maintenance and best practice articles on maintenance technology, plant engineering, reliability, and maintenance management to assist you.

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This means AI is fast becoming mainstream, outcompeting traditional supply chain management to enhance everyday business. Some of this time could be saved by implementing AI and automation. Ultimately, even if a business is not AI-ready today, improving granularity and data collection and analysis will lay the foundation for when AI inevitably becomes a more widespread competitive differentiator.

Granularity is used to characterize the scale or level of detail in a set of data, which AI is highly dependent on. Swedish Articles There are times when all you need is a quick source for reliability and maintenance technology. Companies can prepare by building their AI readiness and being aware of specific challenges such as supply planning and demand forecasting.The paper will be useful to researchers, maintenance professionals and others concerned with maintenance to understand the importance of maintenance management Discover the world's research Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution Research and Practice | Citations: | The Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice publishes refereed papers on all.

Research Papers On Aircraft Maintenance Management Project Reports | Publications Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Reports Reports are the main product of the research project and are often written as guidebooks or manuals. Maintenance management for effective operations management at Matimba Power Station by Oufa Ernest Mutloane research studies done at Eskom in regard to maintenance were based on and confined Maintenance management within operations 22 v.

Table of Contents (continued). Research Paper Open Access Impact of Maintenance Strategies on the Performance Of Industrial Facilities In Selected Industrial Estates In Lagos State, Nigeria Oseghale, G.E Department Of Building, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

ABSTRACT: The study appraised the facilities and the maintenance management strategies. Maintenance management research papers (differentiation homework assignment help) Posted May 2, by & filed under Post Frame Buzz.

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Maintenance management research papers
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