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And after his playing career, he served 22 Most influential nba players for the often woeful Los Angeles Clippers, winning Executive of the Year in One aspect was his influence on the draft lottery, which was instituted as an anti-tanking measure as Ewing was coming into the league in Additionally, the fierce rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird changed the game of basketball and made it hugely popular around the world before the arrival of MJ who took this to the next level.

Despite not seeing the best Connie Hawkins had to offer, the NBA witnessed a vision of its future bountiful with players descended from the artistic lineage of the Hawk.

That deal would alter the course of the NBA, enabling Boston -- who also acquired Ray Allen that year -- to make the biggest single-season improvement in league history and win the NBA championship. Then again, James still has a few years left in his career as well as a lifetime ahead of him once he retires.

As Ramona Shelburne wrote: In the halfcourt, the crossover was his signature move, most memorably against Michael Jordan and Tyronn Lue, when he Most influential nba players on Lue in the Finals and stepped over him.

For years, every short power forward was compared to Barkley, Most influential nba players as "The Round Mound of Rebound" for his physique. Despite coming in as the first-runner up, this is still quite an accomplishment for the year-old, as he has once again been cast in the same light as other greats that have come before him.

So he was groundbreaking with that move because it was a hesitation into the crossover that nobody had really done before. Seemingly joined at the hip, the two won eight more championships together with the Boston Celtics.

A cultural figure and global ambassador, Yao Ming helped globalize the NBA and the game of basketball to a new level, and despite his career being cut short due to injury, he is one of the most revolutionary figures in NBA history.

All of a sudden Dirk was creating havoc for opponents, as a Big Man who could step outside and shoot a 3, pulls defenders from the post out to the perimeter. Despite just one MVP trophy, he earned his self-awarded Most Dominant Ever moniker, and he was without a doubt the most physically imposing player of his generation.

Reggie Miller One of the best 3-point shooters of all time, Miller knew how to put on a show. His next NBA chapter would become his longest -- 15 years and counting as lead basketball executive of the Celtics. During international competition, he has led Spain to glory for more than a decade, winning three Olympic medals, the world championship and several MVP awards.

Yet, these were the maneuvers of a man who had countless basketball miles -- built up on asphalt and other subpar courts -- on his knees. Asked about his protest, Abdul-Rauf called the American flag a "symbol of oppression, of tyranny.

Still, his impact on basketball was only half-done as he embarked on a head coaching career that lasted 10 NBA seasons and included a sterling. And, yes, it does help to have a guy like Kobe who can create when the offense breaks down.

It is important that players revolutionize the game from time to time, as this is how it is kept fresh and interesting. This has become a heavily used move in every position.

His braids, tattoos, chains and oversized jerseys set the fashion standard in his day and thrilled a generation of young fans.

At just 6-feet, Iverson was still one of the most dynamic scorers in NBA history -- more relentless and improvisational than refined, and able to get buckets on fast-break dunks, impossible layups and jumpers from any spot on the floor.

Some players have been so revolutionary that the NBA has had to change the rules, and it is thanks to these players that we get a fast paced, free flowing game where players as short as 5-foot-5 can excel, as can those at a towering 7-foot The lanky big man was the first center to dominate the game offensively without a traditional back-to-the-basket, post-up style, pointing the way to modern string bean assassins such as Kevin Durant.

He has a chance to move into the top 50 all time in total rebounds next season as well. Barkley was also a Dream Teamer and pal of Michael Jordan who ran roughshod in the Olympics, and he averaged Email Copy Link Copied If you were to watch an NBA game from each decade then you will notice that each game will be vastly different, and not just because of the silly haircuts and alarmingly short shorts.

Regardless of the quirks, Baylor is a titan of the sport and human dignity. What NBA fans saw was awesome: Now all of the teams jostling for draft position would love to find another Antetokounmpo.

Just those credentials would easily secure him a place on this list. Elgin Baylor Elgin Baylor was a trendsetter on and off the court. But the ex-Georgetown star guard also received a lifetime contract from Reebok.Oct 05,  · Top 10 Most Influential Basketball Players Over the Past Decade He's one of the most talented players to play in the NBA, and if he can stay healthy, he might actually win something.

The latest addition to his ever-growing list of accolades is being named as ESPN's second most influential player in the history of the league. it changed the way NBA players used social media. Top 15 Most Revolutionary Players in NBA History.

Jeremy Lin Named One of the Most Influential NBA Players Ever By ESPN

by Jonny Hughes – on Drazen Petrovic and Sarunas Marciulioni were the first European players to have an impact on the NBA, and therefore paved the way for an enormous amount of players who came from overseas to play in the best basketball league in the world.

No player has ever.

#NBArank Game Changers: Most influential players ever, 100-76

Aug 03,  · Top 5 Most Influential Players in NBA History NBA Forum. We've leafed through the history books to bring you 20 of the most influential players in world footballing history. Be it Lev Yashin's complete goalkeeping performances, the wondrous Pele. The 30 most influential people in the NBA.

The NBA maxes out at players, and all 30 teams have a lead owner, someone running the front office and an additional person responsible for.

Most influential nba players
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