Multicultural marketing: impacts and strategies essay

The significant role of advertising in integrated marketing communications program is its ability to reach diverse mass audiences at a reasonable price. Proctor and Gamble has invested a great deal in the black community, and commercials for products such as Multicultural marketing: impacts and strategies essay, Oil of Olay, and Pantene regularly feature black families and fathers, particularly that resonate with African-American consumers.

The Eye of the Beholder The longstanding debate within advertising circles over multiculturalism is a tactical one. So it is vital for marketing personnel to go beyond the call of duty to ensure their decisions not only reflect organizational needs and values but are also aligned with the needs and values of consumers in the global marketplace.

Currently, diversity marketing is employed by any business seeking to reach new customers in different racial, ethnic, cultural, or social groups. Finally, collaboration can be considered as the third value of cross-cultural marketing, which can bring people together and promote the brand and company.

Career Press More essays like this: Language is a symbol of cultural pride.

Multicultural Marketing: Impacts and Strategies Essay Sample

As explained above, individualistic societies have a higher tolerance towards risk in regards to business investments. The way this plays out in marketing strategies is that ads focused on individuals do better in individualistic countries while group advertising works better in countries with collective group values.

For example, managers in Canada may tell their staff to consider damaged returned items as inventory rather than as a return against sales, because it will reduce the sales figures for which they are responsible.

However, the negative side of this integrated marketing tool is the probably high contact or communication with target buyers.

Multicultural Diversity Essays (Examples)

This is because efficient cultural marketing strategies are the means to better get in touch with the different cultural markets in the United States, such as Hispanic-Americans, Native-Americans, Asian-Americans, and African-Americans.

With the advent of the Internet, advertising now widely uses the World Wide Web in order to build an effective connection with the world. Others stay with the brand.

Multicultural marketing

Life is also full of smaller rituals such as watching a television show at a certain time or having dinner every Tuesday at your favorite restaurant. Other forms of culture symbols include folklore, drama, dance and music. Through diversification, Starbucks was able to expand its market base by entering into new product lines and corroborative alliances with several multinational companies and international and well-known organizations.

Thus, it can be said that personal selling will not apply to Starbucks since it invests so much in a different kind of marketing, public relations, and promotion.

There are many ways to build contact with potential consumers, and one of the best examples is telemarketing where call center agents directly call potential costumers to lure them into buying certain products. Director of Multicultural Marketing What do they do? Companies from France or Italy are not afraid to invest in new products or expand into new territories.

The New Advertising and Media Landscape According to census data, ethnic minorities now account more than half of all children born in the U.

Sixth is closing the sale. This is a national forum on people with differences.

Culture Impacing Decision Making

In spite of the fact that a product or service is supported and sustained by integrated marketing mix, the aspect of packaging must be given ample attention. Too often, a group of like-minded individuals can decide that an ad campaign looks good to them—without considering if it would look good to other audiences critical to the success of their product.

For example, when collecting payments from clients or making payments to suppliers the employee has access to most information as the knowledge is decentralized. Next, cultural differences pertaining to language have a major impact on marketing decisions in the global marketplace.

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Burrell, Consumer purchases are influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological influences Kotler et al. Adams Media Dowling, G. It can be said that these dimensions constitute a management style, not the management style Albaum 2.“If you aren’t doing multicultural marketing, you are not doing marketing!” says Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer at The Procter & Gamble Company and keynote speaker at the upcoming ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference presented by Pandora.

Multicultural Marketing: Impacts and Strategies Essay Sample. Introduction. In the corporate world, it is highly necessary for business leaders and managers to study multicultural marketing in order to penetrate consumer groups of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicity, and ages, among others.

Advertising & Marketing multicultural advertising has been limited by the simple fact that minority populations were heavily concentrated in certain locales.

For most national advertisers and. Unfortunately cross-cultural marketing isn't that simple. In many locales of the world, such as Australia and the United States of America, multiculturism is a part of everyday life.

International marketing strategies e.g. Ansoff growth strategies and think global, Brief Description Of Thomson Organisation Marketing Essay Thomson is.

Integrated Marketing Communications Essay Sample

To develop a successful marketing strategy, an organization must take into consideration the cultural influences of the society where a new product is being introduced. Jan 26,  · View and download multicultural diversity essays examples.

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your multicultural diversity essay.

Multicultural marketing: impacts and strategies essay
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