Prisoners treated fairly

This is not the point. They can move around freely during the day. Jon, UK This is a war situation, not a school playground brawl Pat, Sussex In a word yes, they are being treated fairly, this is a war situation, not a school playground brawl, and yes there may be one or two that are innocent at Guantanamo, but then how many innocent people have been killed.

It is very doubtful that any of these people are now a danger to the U. I have visited and taken a tour, it really reminded me of an middle school with barracks.

They are definitely treated inhumanely. Are they being treated fairly? What horrifies me is the fact that in Britain we have some people detained, without trial, indefinitely.

America doesn’t treat the people in its prisons like people, and everyone’s losing

One third of all Australian prisoners were captured on Gallipoli including the crew of the submarine AE2 which made a passage through the Dardanelles in American Civil War prison camps At the start of the civil war a system of paroles operated.

Nothing turns a non-violent offender into a violent offender faster than sending them to prisonand the subhuman conditions at American prisons are one of the reasons why. Guards are only employed staff. Article 4 of the Third Geneva Convention protects captured military personnelsome guerrilla fighters, and certain civilians.

It seems that Americans think that anyone who speaks Arabic is a terrorist, and will hold them as part of their world domination plan.

Prisoner Abuse: How Different are U.S. Prisons?

The starting position is that no female offender should be imprisoned. At least 50, Jewish soldiers were shot after selection.

Hichilema Being Treated Fairly, Prisons Service Authority

Sometimes additional remarks were included on the back of the form. What were you doing in Afghanistan? Despite the generous supply and quality of food, some prisoners died of starvation after gambling away their rations. Guantanamo Bay is a mistake and sets an example that may well come back to haunt the US for a very long time.

Typically, little distinction was made between enemy combatants and enemy civilians, although women and children were more likely to be spared.Are prisoners treated too well? I personally believe they are treated better than they should be.

I am a firm believer of, if you do the crime, you do the time. Jul 01,  · America's prisons don't treat their prisoners like actual people, and the dehumanization is making our crime problems worse. Are Guantanamo detainees being treated fairly?

America can do whatever it wants, when it wants and how it the Geneva Convention ofprisoners of war are supposed to be treated humanely with a set of guidelines to follow. By calling them detainees, the military can do whatever they want to these men.

Prisoners Treated Fairly. head: SHOULD PRISONERS BE 1 Should Prisoners Be Treated as Human Beings? SOC Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility June 10, SHOULD.

German prisoners of war in the United States

Gendered Justice: Women in the Criminal Justice System Stephanie S. Covington & Barbara E. Bloom in in the number of women prisoners in Interestingly, the proportion of women imprisoned for violent crimes has continued to decrease.

The rate at which women commit murder has been declining sinceand treatment, that model is. The sadistic abuse and sexual humiliation by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison has shocked most Americans—but not those of us familiar with U.S. jails and prisons.

In American prisons today, wanton staff brutality and degrading treatment of inmates occur across the country with distressing frequency.

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Prisoners treated fairly
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