Rules for each family member according to present day society

Marriage is not viewed as a purely human affair, but as a sacred covenant between a man and a woman in which gods participate as witnesses as well as donors of the bride.

To help emphasize the important role of the family, a modern Prophet and Apostles revealed The Family: This trend is being adopted gradually in our country also. Male members are considered to be the earning members who work outside whereas the females have to look after the household duties.

Children should contribute by not just taking from the family but by giving to the family as well. The elder members of family teach the younger generation about the social values, traditions, customs and moral values of their particular family.

It is the duty of the family to take physical care of the weaker members of the family like children, ladies, old people and the disabled. Family exercises social control over its members and bring them into conformity with accepted standards.

If the father is not present, the mother presides no matter how old the sons are or what priesthood they may hold.

What is the purpose of family?

Ancient Hindu Philosopher Manu and Vatsayan opines that satisfaction of sex needs is the primary objective of family. In Hinduism, the institution of marriage is not peculiar to humans only. These functions are performed by the family since its very formation. Effects According to California State University, it is not possible to interact with other human beings without eventual conflict.

Besides, the belief that he has received the bride in good faith from the gods themselves puts him under a moral obligation to treat her well.

With the decline in our concern for upholding the Hindu dharma and in our anxiety to emulate the modern lifestyles to look progressive, liberal and advanced, a good number of Hindus are shunning anything and everything that remotely looks orthodox Hinduism.

Line up your family in different orders, such as the following be sure that the father or family head is the one giving the directions if possible: The roles of a husband and wife in a marriage are expected to be complimentary, because without the help from the other neither of them can fulfill the duties and obligations of the married life.

What happened when everyone gave directions for a different game at the same time? The head of the family runs and controls the family. During the marriage ceremony, the priest first marries the bride to the gods and then presents her to the bridegroom as a gift from the gods.

Under essential functions he includes mainly three functions such as, stable satisfaction of sex needs, production and rearing of children and a provision of home. Not only the production of children but also child rearing is another important function of family.

The concept of divorce is alien to Hinduism, as marriages are meant to last for a life time. They also recognize the importance of women in the affairs of their families and in molding the character and integrity of their children.

What are the Various Functions of the Family?

Even if children are born in hospitals in modern time still they are taken care of and properly nourished in a home only. They feel secured and get solace in home from the outside world. This is the first psychological function that a family performs. Under non-essential or secondary functions he includes economic, religious, educational, health and recreational functions.

Marriage in Hinduism, therefore, is not just a mutual contract between two individuals or a relationship of convenience, but a social contract and moral expediency, in which the couple agree to live together and share their lives, doing their respective duties, to keep the divine order rta and the institution of family intact.

It develops their total personality- mental as well as physical. The traditional work of the family continues from one generation to the next.According to _____, organizations are made up of interrelated parts and rules and regulations that produce cooperation in meeting a common goal.

functionalists Sports teams, labor unions, and a company's employees are examples of _____. Once married, the couple are expected to carry out their respective traditional duties as householders and upholders of family traditions and work for the material and spiritual welfare of each other, the members of their family and also society.

We believe the family is divine in nature and that God designates it as the fundamental building block of society, both on earth and through eternity. As such, it becomes the foundation for civilization and a sanctuary for the individual.

In traditional patriarchal society, the father takes on the role of the provider and ultimate decision maker, while the mother cares for the children and handles the family's daily domestic affairs according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The responsibilities of children change as they grow. The Lord said, “Mine house is a house of order and not a house of confusion.” If we pattern our homes according to our Heavenly Father’s guidance, we will be better parents.

An orderly home is a home where parents preside, direct, and teach; where all have responsibilities and are considerate and thoughtful of each other; and where family members are knit together with love.

5 Rules for a Utopian Society Rule #2 Everyone will aid in the defense of their city and unite against the enemy Everyone in this society is equal and deserves the same protection, so we will protect each other against rebels criminals enemy or hostile armies.

Rules for each family member according to present day society
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