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The study of circuits to includes current and voltage in series and parallel circuits. Some background on your host, Mr. Reviews and links to some of my favorite chemistry related freeware can be found on the Chemistry Freeware page. Biology Though it has been some time since I taught Biology, I will continue to provide access to my old course materials, including Powerpoints web-based and offline formats and interactive review activities to help the student prepare for important benchmarks and tests.

The phase of matter is defined by the phase transitionwhich is when energy put into or taken out of the system goes into rearranging the structure of the system, instead of changing the bulk conditions.

Examples of such substances are mineral salts such as table saltsolids like carbon and diamond, metals, and familiar silica and silicate minerals such as quartz and granite. They can be analyzed using the tools of chemical analysise. With more complicated compounds, such as metal complexesvalence bond theory is less applicable and alternative approaches, such as the molecular orbital theory, are generally used.

Allan, can be found HERE. Links to individual Biology, Chemistry and Physics Quizzes!

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A molecule is the smallest indivisible portion of a pure chemical substance that has its unique set of chemical properties, that is, its potential to undergo a certain set of chemical reactions with other substances. The current model of atomic structure is the quantum mechanical model.

The most Science chemistry notes examples of phases are solidsliquidsand gases. In the methane molecule CH4the carbon atom shares a pair of valence electrons with each of the four hydrogen atoms. Thus, molecules exist as electrically neutral units, unlike ions.

Energy and entropy considerations are invariably important in almost all chemical studies. When the number of atoms on either side is unequal, the transformation is referred to as a nuclear reaction or radioactive decay.

Phase In addition to the specific chemical properties that distinguish different chemical classifications, chemicals can exist in several phases. An Introduction to Surface Chemistry by Dr. I will be using many of the quiz and test questions that I have written over the years as material for updated review activities, so look for those to be added.

A reaction is said to be exergonic if the final state is lower on the energy scale than the initial state; in the case of endergonic reactions the situation is the reverse.

The study of elements to include the development and organisation of elements in the Periodic Table. The variety of effects to include electrical devices are designed to make use of a variety of effects caused by electric currents, including heating, chemical changes and magnetic effects.

Chemistry The Chemistry Page will give first year chemistry students access to all of the notes, worksheets, labs, Powerpoints and other important documents for my General Chemistry classes.

The study of characteristic chemical properties and patterns can be exemplified by the reactions of metals and non-metals, and acids and bases.

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The nucleus is dense; the mass of a nucleon is appromixately 1, times that of an electron, yet the radius of an atom is about 10, times that of its nucleus. In this scheme each chemical substance is identifiable by a number known as its CAS registry number.

Though I developed the resources for my AP students, they will probably also prove useful to college students taking a first year chemistry course. Matter can be a pure chemical substance or a mixture of substances.

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In a covalent bond, one or more pairs of valence electrons are shared by two atoms:AP Chemistry Notes. Toggle navigation. Pre-K; Kindergarten; 1st Grade; 2nd Grade; 3rd Grade; 4th Grade. Chemistry is the poor cousin to biology and physics when it comes to scientific portrayals in science fiction.

Even Isaac Asimov with his degree in biochemistry had a tendency to neglect his roots when writing in the SF genre. Edexel IGCSE Chemistry Revision Notes Kinetic Theory The properties of solids, liquids and gases can be explained by kinetic theory.

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Kinetic theory states that matter is made of tiny particles that move all the time. The Best Chemistry AS and A Level Notes, Revision Guides, Tips and Websites compiled from all around the world at one place for your ease so you can prepare for your tests and examinations with the satisfaction that you.

Welcome to the Chemistry Department at the UofT. We offer a rich selection of programs of study and research into all disciplines of chemistry and the interdisciplinary links with environmental science, physics, mathematics, biology.

Some suggestions for success in AP Chemistry - Ignore this at your own peril! Do the assigned READING before attempting the problems related to that reading.

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