Security requirements of the organization essay

Security policies show a demonstration of management commitment towards the security of the organization. This results to a security gap which management tries to address through having security policy tailored towards achieving goals and objective of the organization.

Or have Federal employees themselves become violent or threatening? Access-control combination locks on access doors Closed circuit television camera mounted for monitoring customer service activity from a central security office for the building.

According to Guel, pp. Are your customers likely to experience high levels of stress or tension?

Importance of a Security Policy in an Organization Essay Sample

The security policy defines what business and security goals and objectives management desires, but not how these solutions are engineered and implemented. In this reference it also provide basis for physical controls as well as parameters and network controls in a business organization.

After the security policy has been made and put to implementation, just like any other policy in a business organization monitoring and assessment on its development should be done. This is because some information in a business are key to it success and losing the information to the wrong hands will translate to losing the business.

Service counter with windows between Federal employees and customers.

IT Security Requirements

Assessment is also important as it will act as an advance back up will be met by managerial preparedness incase of an evolution of security threats.

Silent, concealed alarms at reception desk and on Federal employee side of service counter. The factors which may influence policies especially security policy includes; change of a technology which has been important to the operations of the business organization.

Before requesting a security survey, your agency may want to do a "crime assessment" of the risks you and your Security requirements of the organization essay may encounter in your workplace. It also provides the management with framework or guideline for implementing maintaining, monitoring and bettering information security according to the business organization traditions.

Security policy in an organization is tailored towards providing data confidentiality and ensuring that information is on accessible to only the intended individuals in an organization.

This is because regular evaluation translates to early take of precautions in case of harmful factor absorbing value which may emanate from factor change.

For policy to be practical realize the designers should ensure that they are defined by procedures, principles and procedure.

Matters concerning security are very vital in every business organization. Lack of such policies show a major lapse in management functions since lake of such detail at time may translate to losing the business to the competitors. The audience the security policy is tailored to address should also be considered and failure to this the policy may result not to serve the intended purpose.

Reception desk immediately inside public entrance. Install a metal detector or CCTV closed-circuit television camera or other device to monitor people coming in all building entrances. Provide an under-the-counter duress alarm system to signal a supervisor or security officer if a customer becomes threatening or violent.

This is very different from learning without guideline provided by the policy paper which might result to more time in training new employees hence high cost of training security employees. Incase of setting or creation of remote office there will be need to assessment of the organization security policy and to evaluate whether it will be applicable to the new organ.

Security policy should be well structures as well as being designed to be flexible and adjustable in case of changes in the organization. Therefore, security policy provides important information; reflecting the business objective objectives, giving guideline to effective awareness employees as well as manager on information security, security policy give touchable commitment as well as support to the organization management.

For a business organization to leap benefits resulting from security policies, such policies should be designed to be consistent with the industrial practice which conforms to international standards.

Mahmood et al pp 2. Security policies help the management as well as guiding it towards ensuring there is consistency in its operation. The survey is a comprehensive, detailed, technical on-site inspection and analysis of the current security and physical protection conditions.

Issue all employees photo identification cards and assign temporary passes to visitors--who should be required to sign in and out of the building.The most comprehensive framework on IT security requirements is currently the SQUARE method presented by the SEI of Carnegie Mellon University.

OSA is a not for profit organization, supported by volunteers for the benefit of the security community. Summary of the HIPAA Security Rule This is a summary of key elements of the Security Rule including who is covered, what information is protected, and what safeguards must be in place to ensure appropriate protection of electronic protected health information.

Implementation of an Organization-Wide Security Plan Implementation of an Organization-Wide Security Purpose The purpose of this security plan is to establish security requirements to have a controlled access to the information resources.

Security requirements of the organization First we will ensure that the system is physically secured. The room that will house the server will be in a secured area with multi-leveled security such as. Security Requirements of the Organization Essay Words | 5 Pages.

Security requirements of the organization First we will ensure that the system is physically secured. Importance Of Information Security In Organizations Information Technology Essay. Abstract: Currently information security is crucial to all organization to protect their information and conducts their business.

Security requirements of the organization essay
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