Transall saga essay questions

He is also able to have a quick flash back and realises that the time he visited was nothing but the near future, and dedicates himself to minimizing the spread of the Ebola virus. He also hears a creature called the howling thing.

I would hope he did, and that he remembered the language even though there was no one else to speak it with.

We know he did well for himself, but how did he catch up? I wonder what happened to Megaan and Barow after Mark never comes back? A tribe which Mark refers to as the Arrow People allow him to live with them. He uses his survival skills to live on this mysterious place and, while exploring the forest he discovers a camp with a group of human.

He wakes up in a strange world that he believes is an alien world: Plus, after having spent a good 2 years immersed in communicating in nothing but Tsook, it must have been really jarring for him to suddenly hear English.

Even when Mark got hurt, luck was still in his favor his avid reading of hiking and survival books certainly helped him survive when he first arrived though!

Twenty years later, Mark has become a scientist working tirelessly to find a cure for the Ebola virus. Soon after, he is enslaved by the Tsook, a metal-weapon wielding race of hominids. Mark hides behind a boulder for protection and suddenly the boulder is struck by lightning and sends off a charge which brings Mark into his normal time.

He uses his survival skills to live off the land and, while exploring the forest, he discovers a camp made up of short, human -like creatures with webbed feet and dark, olive-colored skin. It must have been a culture shock of some sort, even if it was a return to what he grew up with before.

He essentially missed the high school years, and he had adapted to a completely different way of life during those crucial years.

After severely wounding the Merkon in a sword fight, Mark asks Megaan to marry him. He wakes up in a strange world that he believes is an alien world with many similarities to Earth. It was something that had become a necessity for him to know, living with the Tsook, and it could also be his "connection" with Megaan, even though he will most likely never see her again.

Mark attempts to flee the village, but as he is trying to escape, he learns of an imminent invasion of the village. I think the ones that will get the most out of it would be 5th graders, or right around there. I do agree with some of the other reviewers that it can be a bit contrived at times -- but another way of looking at it is that Mark just had an insane amount of good luck over all kind of like Brian in Hatchet, when you think about it, actually.

Sometime in the near future, a strange, highly contagious form of the Ebola virus wipes out most of the human race. It was quick and easy, but interesting and not completely predictable.

Those remaining used nuclear armaments on each other, forcing civilization to start over. All of a sudden, he gets bitten by a snake and falls into a blue light. Once in the jungle, Mark systematically kills the army but forgets about a scouting party that attacks him. Mark then discovers that, despite his misconceptions earlier, this world is a ruined Earth, sometime in the future.

Mark returns to warn the tribe about an impending attack, and as a gift, Mark is granted freedom and official entry into their tribe. Plot[ edit ] The story begins with Mark Harrison, a year-old survival enthusiast, hiking through the mountainous Magruder Missile Range.

Soon he finds them too warlike to bear interacting with. He meets a girl named Leeta, whom he befriends.The Transall Saga has 4, ratings and reviews. Jordan said: Read this book years ago when I was much younger and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A good pace /5. Mark was hiking and in a flash of blue, there was red grass all around him, within a huge forest. The story of The Transall Saga, by Gary Paulsen, is a. Transall Saga Score: _____ Essay Questions Answer five questions on a separate sheet of notebook paper. 1.

Explain what you know about the Merkon’s life before he came to Transall. How do you How did Mark’s opinion of the people of Transall change throughout the novel? What. The plot of The Transall Saga is for Mark to find a way to get back home.

Mark meets many new life forms and falls in love. During this quest to find a way home, Mark becomes stronger, smarter, and older.3/5(2). The Transall Saga is a speculative/science fiction written by Gary Paulsen.

When Mark goes out on a hiking trip in the desert, he is enclosed in an abnormal blue light and transported to what appears to be another world.

The Transall Saga

The Transall Saga (also known as Blue Light) is a novel by Gary Paulsen. It is a survival story like most of his other books, but also involves the science fiction genre.

Plot [ Author: Gary Paulsen.

Transall saga essay questions
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