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A good quality rubbing generally takes 1 minute per sheet of paper. Like normal stink ink, the arcane version can only be read by creatures with the scent ability although read magic works normally on spells and arcane formulae inscribed with stink ink.

Books, Paper, & Writing Supplies

Creatures immune or resistant to fire are immune to this sickening effect. Most of the information is dated, but the sketched maps and descriptions of major buildings remain useful.

A successful DC 25 Craft alchemy check takes 1 hour and reveals the message without the proper trigger. Changing the plate is a simple process, but creating a new one is expensive and labor-intensive.

The cord is 10 feet long and retractable. Each of these guides is keyed to a specific dungeon, and can be a great boon to PCs delving into such sites.

Rubbing a simple damp cloth over the slate erases anything scribed with chalk on its surface. Ink, Glowing Source PZO Glowing ink emits a faint but steady light typically red or green that allows you to read it even in normal darkness.

Charcoal Source SoS Sticks of charcoal are useful for marking floors and walls, writing on paper or parchment, and making rubbings of engravings or other markings. The accuracy bonus of the dungeon guide.

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Printing Press Source PZO A hand-cranked press uses a plate on which all of the text on a page is carved in reverse. The other end of the cord attaches to a belt or belt loop.

Writing Supplies

It has 50 pages. It has hardness 0, 1 hit point, and a break DC of 5. While attached to you, the book can never be farther than 10 feet from you. A character may resell a dungeon guide for half of this amount. A DC 15 Heal check can temporarily soothe these sensations, negating the sickened condition for 1 hour.

You must destroy the scroll case to damage its contents hardness 2 for leather or 5 for wood, 2 hit pointsBreak DC However, because of the fragility of the nib, using the quill in this way destroys it. A hidden compartment inside the nib allows the quill to hold a single dose of poison that is dispensable with a small squeeze.

Ink, Stink Arcane Source PZO Most common among ratfolk alchemistsarcane stink ink is used to inscribe formulae or spells into formula books and spellbooks. Locate a nearby source of food or water Improving Skill Checks Each dungeon guide can grant bonuses on up to three very specific skill checks both in and out of the dungeon.

While handy for making quick, accurate copies of ancient carvings, runes, and drawings, a pantograph is unable to produce a convincing forgery. Ghost ink is most often used to blaze trails and mark locations in a subtle manner.

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A vial of this ink holds enough to write 10 brief messages of no more than 50 words each.Get to know the Take Note lineup of gel pens, highlighters, and other writing utensils.

The updated technology in these writing supplies make it easy to complete homework, highlight important facts, and write in bullet journals. Books, paper, and writing supplies also includes inks, quills, chalk, chalkboards, and other equipment either for writing, to store written things, or similar items.

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Writing Supplies

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Writing supplies
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